Street/Art – Kunst am Zaun

I am majorly excited to be part of the “Street/Art – Kunst am Zaun” festival this year! It is a one-day art show featuring over 70 artists, and there will also be food, music, and performances. this is the first ever opoortunity to see my Black In Black paintings LIVE! and to buy stuff. come an meet me there.

Saturday, 10th of September 2022

Börseplatz 1, 1010 Wien


a flyer with three paintings, a portrait photo, and the text "Börseviertel, Street/Art - Kunst am Zaun präsentiert Julia Tryphina Weiss, and date and time of the event.
animated GIF with the text Börseviertel Street/Art - Kunst am Zaun, 10. September 12:00-18:00, Börsepark.

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