seasonal freebie!

To wish you a very merry whatever you are celebrating and a jolly end-of year, and because i don’t believe in either, here is a freebie: a happy arbitrary date card, in print quality (but you can also send it via email, social media, whatever).

art nouveau style flowers with the text
(art nouveau new year card)

have fun, be nice to yourself and others (except to anti-vaxxers, they deserve to be growled and hissed at at this point) and see you all in the next solar cycle. cheers!

postcard sale!

i sorted out my drawers with the cards i had produced for past events and ordered some more artwork on postcards. voilĂ :

postcard sale: 2.50 per card

shipping & handling (up to 10 cards):
Austria: 1 EUR
International: i recommend you buy them through my redbubble shop. the quality is not as high as the ones i sell directly, but they are cheaper and shipping is more reliable. if you are hell-bent to buy from me directly even though you are outside of the EU, please calculate 3 EUR for shipping & handling (uninsured).

payment: paypal

if you are interested, drop me a note at or buy stuff on redbubble (they also offer art prints, hint, hint)

complete website rework

as of september 2021 i completely changed the website (for the better, believe me). visitors can now find the best of my artwork in the galleries to the right. new content will be added directly to the galleries and no longer as individual blog posts.

to see all of my art, including sketches and odds&ends in some other techniques, please visit my deviantArt page:

to interact with me and read my ramblings about each new painting or drawing (mainly ink or watercolour), please follow TryphinaINKS on facebook or tryphina_weiss on instagram:

for the lighter side of comic and manga related, as well as some digital art, please have a look at Tryphina on facebook:

and finally, if you are looking to buy prints or postcards with TryphinaINKS art, please stalk the redbubble shop: