horned demon (art nouveau 2.0)

side view portrait of a woman with rams horn, art nouveau style

horned demon
art nouveau 2.0 portrait

first artwork of 2019. the main reason it took me so long to do the lineart is because i was majorly afraid i’d ruin the fine geometrical details. the pencil sketch was done with french curve rulers and compass, but the inking is freehand.
reference pic was a shot posted by the divine kato (@katopunk, from SteamGirl.com) on instagram.

ink pens on paper
Tryphina 2019

nobody rides for free

backside of a female demon with wings, dressed in a tshirt and panties. on her panties the slogan

‘nobody rides for free’

even though this is originally some stupid macho 70ies biker/hitchhiker quote (‘gas, grass or ass …’) i like how deep this goes when applied to interpersonal relationships.
you have to give something in return. whether it’s profane, like a drink or a book, profound, like your soul or your loyalty, or simply returning the favor. you always pay a price.

end of philosophy lecture.
enjoy the demon butt (originally belonging to model dane halo/@theredbomb_model on instagram)

ink on paper
Tryphina 2018

suck my everything

a woman wearing a hijab, with angelbite piercings, an

with all the shit women have to listen to about their bodies, their behaviour, their sexuality and their life choices in general, this is the only appropriate answer.

for reference i used a picture of one of my favourite life food girls, go check them out on instagram or here: https://www.livefoodgirls.com/ (NSFW!)

ink on paper

Tryphina 2018