intersectional feminism

for women’s day ✊

i am not much of a poet, but this comes directly from my angry little heart.

i am an activist
white as curdled milk
loud my voice
screaming at injustice

from my cozy spot in the middle of the protest
from my cozy spot in the middle of the discussion

doors open for me to step on the podium
into the spotlight
to change the world

my hardest task
is easy
i only have to open the door
for you to go through
for you to speak
the Black woman next to me
instead of letting my ego
take your place in history

finished frontal portrait of a Black woman in black ink and white pencil, on toned paper. next to the painting there are pencils, brushes, a spiece of scrap paper, and cups of dirty water.
ink portrait of Willow Smith