dames of quarantine

i had a lot of fun with this one, despite making a couple of mistakes.

this was the first time i painstakingly compiled a reference in photoshop and sat next to it for the pencil sketch (which i did over and over again). i got 7 bottles of different coloured inks and experimented with watercolour techniques. and i applied (cheap ass) silver paint, which almost ruined the whole thing. still i am quite pleased with the storytelling effect and overall outcome.

inks and silver paint on paper

Tryphina 2021

horned demon (art nouveau 2.0)

side view portrait of a woman with rams horn, art nouveau style

horned demon
art nouveau 2.0 portrait

first artwork of 2019. the main reason it took me so long to do the lineart is because i was majorly afraid i’d ruin the fine geometrical details. the pencil sketch was done with french curve rulers and compass, but the inking is freehand.
reference pic was a shot posted by the divine kato (@katopunk, from SteamGirl.com) on instagram.

ink pens on paper
Tryphina 2019

art nouveau 2.0 octopus

art nouveau style octopus

it took me 3 weeks to finish this. my life turned upside down in august 2018, after the suicide of my husband, and i could barely find the courage or calmness to pick up a pen. but drawing art nouveau ornaments with ruler and compass helped with finding back into some version of a normal life.

ink on paper
Tryphina 2018