dames of quarantine

i had a lot of fun with this one, despite making a couple of mistakes.

this was the first time i painstakingly compiled a reference in photoshop and sat next to it for the pencil sketch (which i did over and over again). i got 7 bottles of different coloured inks and experimented with watercolour techniques. and i applied (cheap ass) silver paint, which almost ruined the whole thing. still i am quite pleased with the storytelling effect and overall outcome.

inks and silver paint on paper

Tryphina 2021

medusa returns

painting of a nude woman in black and white lounging on a rocklike sofa, her head hovers over her neck, like it has been cut off. she looks angry.

this lady cost me the last of my nerves. stuck in the sketch phase for months, lineart done a couple of weeks ago, i was afraid to ruin everything trying to add diluted ink shading and when i finally mustered up the courage … BAM! the paper fucks me over, gets blotchy and spotty. so i went for black out again. she is still not finished and i doubt she ever will be.

ink on paper

Tryphina 2020