horned demon (art nouveau 2.0)

side view portrait of a woman with rams horn, art nouveau style

horned demon
art nouveau 2.0 portrait

first artwork of 2019. the main reason it took me so long to do the lineart is because i was majorly afraid i’d ruin the fine geometrical details. the pencil sketch was done with french curve rulers and compass, but the inking is freehand.
reference pic was a shot posted by the divine kato (@katopunk, from SteamGirl.com) on instagram.

ink pens on paper
Tryphina 2019

last craft beer supper (commission & craft beer fanart :D)

last craft beer supper


commission for a friend, who runs a craft beer shop in vienna. there are creatures, entities and logos of 14 indie breweries (most of them from austria) on this painting.

Bevog (2x)
Next Level
Tiny Rebel
100 Blumen
Brauküche 35

ink on paper

Tryphina 2018

darkness (commission & supernatural fanart)

portrait of amara/the darkness from the series supernatural

~ SOLD ~

amara/darkness from the series “supernatural”

this commission is especially dear to me, as it was the first one i received from a person who does not know me in real life, but found me on deviantArt. plus, painting a beautiful woman, who is also a malevolent, ancient entity was an interesting challenge.

ink on paper

Tryphina 2018